The Sony QX-10 is intriguing

The reviews of this thing have been pretty tepid. And if you review this thing as a competitor to a point and shoot, the reviews are right — this is a pretty funky/bad point and shoot. Clumsy to handle, poor UI, hooking this onto your phone feels downright clumsy and bizarre.

But the concept is super intriguing, though not as a point and shoot replacement. But the ability to mount the lens in one location and control from another is very cool. There are scenarios where I would love this. GoPro scenarios. Events. I have to noodle on.

One thing they have to fix is the horrible custom SSID thing. That is just terrible. Because it means my iPad or iPhone can’t simultaneously connect over wifi to the internet. It should either connect over bluetooth or use an available wifi network.

One thought to “The Sony QX-10 is intriguing”

  1. I so want this device for all the use cases you mention.

    Would really like to use an iPad mini as the EVF for a camera with a nice fast lens and zoom.

    Reading the reviews, you know they’re being charitable. No doubt there’s even more disappointment lurking for the early adopter. Sony SW, echh!

    I’d really like Apple or someone good at SW to handle the UI and for Sony to just write some sort of device driver. Yeah, that’d be great. On second thought, I guess I want Apple to just make this product but do it right.

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