Recent books — Patti Smith, Evans/Agee

patti smith just kids cover

  • Just Kids by Patti Smith. I’m a rationalist, and I have the faulty assumption that most people think like me. This is a very well written memoir by someone who has a very different worldview, the view of an artist. Not only does the author have different opinions than I do, but she processes the world completely differently, and even perceives the world differently. Really makes me appreciate the breadth of humanity, there are very different ways of experiencing life.
  • Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by Walker Evans and James Agee. A lyrical dive into the lives of poor sharecroppers in the early part of the 20th century. It is hard to imagine how this ever got published the first time around, since the book is very antagonistic to the industry and sponsors who brought it to life. This book is unlike most things you’ve read, a good thing.