I got me some Noontang!

Today is the day for offbeat hardware tinkering.

NTR_Android_02OK I had to order this for the name alone. I mean, who doesn’t want noontang?

The experience is psychotic. The packaging is super nice actually, very simple, clean looking box, looks like it belongs in an Apple store. Then you read the manual which is a classic mistranslation to English from Korean. I can’t really complain, because if you asked me to translate English to any other language, I would fail horribly, but still.

The hardware is sleek — nice brushed aluminum, seems super solid, nice strap, really very high quality.

You have to download the Noontang app to your phone — more noontang, hurray! And then download the noontang remote pc server for your mac or pc — even more noontang! Actually finding this was tricky since the company’s website is at www.mediacanvas.net and is 100% Korean. And then download was super slow — I thought Korea had great broadband? Oh of course the Mac app isn’t signed as a known developer so you have to go through the normal hoops to install it.

So next you plug your noontang into your phone audio jack. And fire up the noontang app.

The Noontang phone app is pretty clean. The opening screen lets you connect to the pc. I have no idea if this worked, there is no obvious feedback. In theory then you can advance PPT slides on your PC by a gesture on the phone app but this never seemed to work. And I couldn’t seem to enter a password on either the Mac or the phone, or maybe I did and there is no feedback. No idea.

The other feature then is you can hit the phone app button and the noontang laser lights up so it is a laser pointer. Without a battery as it derives power from the phone. Apparently this works by just getting audio over the phone jack, there are some warnings about not trying to use headphones when the app is running, because it will send laser-generating frequencies and intensities into your ears and melt your brain. Or something.

So anyway, the Noontang. I’ll rent out my Noontang if you want to try my Noontang.

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