Your Buckeye-colored guide to this weekend’s football — go BC! go UW! go Utah!

bcWe are getting close to the first BCS rankings and the projections clearly identify OSU’s problem — the computers hate them, and they hate the rest of OSU’s opponents. Without a lot of help OSU will be on the outside looking in, even if OSU takes care of business throughout the season. OSU is certainly going to be stuck behind the ACC champ and the Pac12 champ if those teams are undefeated, so OSU needs to remain undefeated and hope those champs have 1 loss.

So this weekend, while OSU is enjoying it’s bye, here is the OSU fan’s viewing guide:

  • BC at Clemson, 1230pm, ABC/ESPN2. Unfortunately I don’t think BC is very good so I have to cheer for Clemson to have one of those days where nothing goes right. Probably not happening.
  • UW vs Oregon, 1pm, Fox Sports 1. (Why is this game relegated to Fox Sports 1?) Big rivalry game, these schools don’t like each other. Oregon is awash in Nike money and, in the eyes of Washington fans, is the most corrupt school yet to be caught cheating. The Huskies looked very good against Stanford. Oregon has been running up numbers against hapless opponents. Here is hoping that Oregon trips over their first taste of adversity.
  • Stanford at Utah, 3PM, Pac12 Network. Utah is a credible team, Stanford might have a letdown after UW game, it is Stanford’s first tough road game. Certainly reasons to hope for the upset