Rooting my Android phone and putting on a clean rom — but which rom? there are too many choices. XDA dev has somewhat popular options for the ATT G2

  • Cleanrom is the most popular and scrapes off all the AT&T goo while leaving LG goo. This seems like a reasonable approach
  • AEON is second most popular but man the pages feel sketchy.
  • Basic rom is the third choice and seems to wipe off AT&T and LG cruft.

Then there is some Korean derivative and a stock AT&T rom that has been rooted.

This is probably all going to turn into a chocolate mess. Don’t be surprised if you call me or text me and never hear back.

UPDATE: Ok I am working first on rooting the phone. This is so obvious:

  • Go to Settings, General, About Phone, Software Information, and whale away on “Build Number” until developer mode unlocks. Crappiest easter egg ever.
  • Back to Settings…General…Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.
  • On your PC, download the LG drivers from the LG support web site.
  • Hook up the phone to the pc
  • download the ioroot package pointed to by the xda forums

OK so I guess I am rooted now. Yay. Geek merit badge partially redeemed.