My feelings on Android 3 weeks in

  1. If this was the first smartphone I’d ever had, I’d be happy. Good app selection, looks nice, works fine.
  2. Battery life is a lot better than the iPhone 5 + ios 7. Not sure why but it is better. Life changing better? No, but I don’t have to run from charger to charger anymore. I can get 3/4s of a day of solid use on a charge, and I am always in the car a little bit each day (with car charger), and so I am generally making it a full day. Much happer.
  3. As many people have pointed out, the touchscreen is just not as good as the iphone. Fewer pixels, worse software, I don’t know, but it is just not as good.
  4. Fragmentation has real impacts. I’ve tried to change usage tips with other Android users, and simple things are moved around in the UI from OEM to OEM. Or carrier to carrier. Just stupid on everyone’s part.

I’m going to probably root the phone in the next couple weeks and see if I can’t get a clean Android build on and see if that improves the fragmentation point. Good tips up on xda dev

3 thoughts to “My feelings on Android 3 weeks in”

  1. I’m so glad u tried it. Shows that there r so many choices out there but in the end A great design. God style is the sum if its parts. I love the way the android task manager flips but that doesn’t help much if u can’t figure out how to see your voicemail 🙂

  2. I have been in the same boat. Have tried the nexus 4, galaxy s4 and every iPhone since inception.

    Per your comments

    1: android is just boring. In comparison to iPhone iOS, it doesn’t run smooth.

    2: battery life: I went through the same thing, i finally realized, I didn’t care for the os, text messages became a pain to write, and I simply used the phone less.

    3: touchscreen: that was the biggest killer for the s4, it simply wasn’t clean and good at recognizing touch

    4: I have always been one that prefers clean os and don’t try and alter anything. Keep a minimal set of apps that will not allow a 3rd party dev to hinder my battery.

    In closing: Apple is missing the boat in two areas, a: battery life is depressing. We can put a man on the moon, but we can only have a phone that lasts for 6 hours on a good day b: the size of screen is embarrassing. In the big picture, we can still get through our day one way or another. I am sure you will be back to iOS within he next 30 days. By a mophie battery pack. It saves the day

  3. Vanilla Android is the only true Android experience. Nexus or nothing for me.

    How are text messages a pain, exactly?

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