First BCS standings are out, OSU right about where they should be

bcs3#4 in the first rankings, a fine place to be. A #5 average in the computer polls is a lot better than anticipated (Billingsley in particular loves the Buckeyes), this past weekend’s carnage cleared out a LOT of riffraff. BCS Guru as usual had the standings already correctly forecasted.

OSU’s position is exactly where it has been most of the season — OSU needs to win out, and needs 2 of the 3 above them to get a loss. Which seems very possible, consider the remaining largest challenges for #1-3:

  • Bama: LSU, @Auburn, and then an SEC championship game against Missouri?
  • FSU: Miami, @Florida (OK maybe Florida is not a challenge this year), ACC Championship game against VT?
  • Oregon: UCLA, @Stanford, Oregon State, and then a PAC-12 championship game against ASU? UCLA?

There are some losses hiding in there for someone.

That said, OSU does not seem like they are the equal of any of these teams right now. Defense is just too weak, particularly the defensive backfield. If Iowa can put 24 on OSU, including tight ends getting behind coverage and outrunning DBs for a TD, well that doesn’t bode well. Still a lot of time left in the season though, plenty of time to get better.