Evernote you are dead to me

I’ve used evernote for years. I’ve loved having my notes everywhere, on every device. They’ve had great coverage of devices. Their UI is a little long in the tooth but still I have loved it.

And now I need to walk away. Twice in the last 2 weeks I’ve experienced unavailability and data loss. On one of my iPads, Evernote refuses to show me any note created past July of this year. No idea why. Uninstall didn’t help. Plenty of storage free on the iPad. Just a mystery.

I might be able to live with this, but even worse one of my notes has just gone missing. Probably the single note I refer to most often as it has some network config info in it for one of my setups. It is just gone. Not in the trash on any device. Just gone. Thankfully I had not sync’ed on my Android phone and was able to copy the missing note before I sync’ed and past it somewhere else. Once I synced it was gone on that device too.

I have no tolerance for data loss. Moving everything out today. Wish there was an note editor that fronted github on all platforms.

UPDATE: I followed through. All my content is out of Evernote and account deleted. I really really really can’t tolerate data loss. All my notes are in github now with an additional replication system in my house so that i am protected against machine failure and github failure. and i have a couple machines syncing with github so i should have version information available in multiple places.