What is Canonical’s real game with the Ubuntu Edge?

Ubuntu Edge looks doomed.

I don’t think the Canonical guys are stupid, and it would have taken about 4 seconds of analysis to figure out that a $32M crowd funding campaign was not going to ever work. So I assume they already knew that. So what is their game?

  • They are getting lots of free press for themselves and for the idea of a Ubuntu phone, so that is good for them.
  • If they had no intention of ever producing this phone, or seeing it produced, it would be dumb to stir up excitement and interest.
  • So I assume that there is a plan, regardless of the Indiegogo campaign, to get this phone produced.
  • Canonical may be using the press and interest to raise capital via other channels, that would make sense.
  • Or they may have a partner on the hook to produce the phone, and the partner needs a little goading.

One way or another, I suspect this phone is coming out, or something very much like it.