Linux 3.11 for Workgroups brings a tear to my eye

win311logoApparently Linux 3.11 has been named Linux for Workgroups. How awesome, even if it is not really meant in tribute.

This was the first shipping product I worked on at Microsoft. A great great team of people. I remember how surprised we all were on the product team when the product was marketed at launch as a “Notes Killer”. We were just trying to make networking work within Windows, because up to that point, networking install for Windows was a ball buster.

I still have a WFW screwdriver.

4 thoughts to “Linux 3.11 for Workgroups brings a tear to my eye”

  1. WfW 3.11 was a kick butt product, with the 32-bit kernel, vfat file system, built in 32 bit networking, VxD device drivers, etc. It served as the architectural stepping stone to Win 95.

    This product was the successor to WfW 3.1. I pleaded with SteveB to let me name it Win 3.2 because it was so good but he wouldn’t agree. And if it wasn’t Win 3.2, we didn’t want it to be WfW 3.2, so it because the most awesome .01 upgrade (WfW 3.1 -> 3.11) ever.

    It was a great great team.

  2. Thanks brad for the elaboration! I conflated WFW 3.1 and WFW 3.11 in my original post. Mostly the same folks, but as you point out, very different products. WFW 3.1 was the “notes killer” with the big NYC launch event, the best-forgotten bundled net card. A fine product but flawed in several ways. WFW 3.11 fixed those flaws and was a great product. Good times

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