I totally get Kickstarter now thanks to the Poppy guys

poppy3d.comThe Poppy guys have done a great job running their Kickstarter campaign — they met their goals early, they’ve hit a bunch of stretch goals, it has been super positive, they have a bunch of great supporters. I think they were super thoughtful about the whole process, and I’m excited to see the product, I am of course a backer.

And it has become clear to me what Kickstarter is really for. It is not about raising money. These guys raised a modest amount, they could have funded this easily themselves or from friends. But they have built a great community of early adopters and backers, who feel like part of the team, who are going to help evangelize the product, who are influentials. And that is what Kickstarter really seems to be about (for tech products, I am clueless about movies or other domains) — it is in some sense a marketing expense, it is the way you reach out to the influentials and early adopters and get them on board and pulling for you, which is a HUGELY valuable asset for a young company. It is certainly not about the cash — the $147K these guys raised, less the Kickstarter and AMZN fees, is nothing compared to the funding needs of the business.

One thought to “I totally get Kickstarter now thanks to the Poppy guys”

  1. yes – i learned this running theresa’s kickstarter thing. two big values we got out of it:

    1. validating your product and price point and
    2. building your tribe

    the cash is secondary.

    i’m still amazed how many projects do the whole t-shirt/chachskies thing to try and pull in the sub-$50 price point and then probably get sucked into the distraction/misery of having to produce and deliver it all with minimal profit to put towards their project.

    i backed poppy too – excited to get it đŸ™‚

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