Software I’ve been playing with — vagrant, photozone, linux perf tools, cuda, etc

  • I think I will end up loving Vagrant. I shift my work across a lot of machines and being able to bring my entire dev environment with me seems like a great thing. Really this is the way I’d like all my apps to work. In case you are not clear why Vagrant is good, here is a snippet from their site:

If you’re a developer, Vagrant will isolate dependencies and their configuration within a single disposable, consistent environment, without sacrificing any of the tools you’re used to working with (editors, browsers, debuggers, etc.). Once you or someone else creates a single Vagrantfile, you just need to vagrant up and everything is installed and configured for you to work. Other members of your team create their development environments from the same configuration, so whether you’re working on Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows, all your team members are running code in the same environment, against the same dependencies, all configured the same way. Say goodbye to “works on my machine” bugs.