installed both ios7 and osx mavericks last night

ios7 first impressions:

  • the mail app i think i will like, seems a little easier to dispose of messages, and viewing messages is a lot cleaner
  • i never used game center, mostly because i don’t care about the feature, but a little bit because it was so horribly ugly. nice to see that fixed
  • sometimes you can be too subdued and too flat. the weather app doesn’t work for me, the difference between a sunny and rainy forecast is now so muted.
  • all the new swipe from the bottom, side, etc behavior will take a while to get used to. tho quick access to airplane mode is nice.
  • i’m interested in the new photo library features and sharing, tho at first glance, the whole collection thing doesn’t really work for me. collections are too small or too big.
  • i hope i can airdrop easily between my mac and my phone. haven’t tried that yet.

osx first impressions:

  • laggy. wish i hadn’t installed. i am sure it will get better.
  • maps app is cool i guess tho i will have to see how much i use it versus the browser alternatives. the “send to iOS” feature will be great, obviously not a new idea, but still i will be happy with.
  • i suspect i will like finder tabs a lot. tags? i just don’t know. evidence from other domains suggests i won’t use them.
  • books, keychain — yawn. hard to get excited about when there are great 3rd party solutions that work everywhere.