Anyone know the cabling required for Dish Satellite Internet service?

To address my ADSL woes, I am considering getting Dish Satellite Internet Access. I’m already a Dish TV customer so this seemed like it would be the easiest path.

My physical dish location is 40 feet from my house though, and I need to make sure I have the right cable in the ground before the Dish installer shows up.

After 4 phone calls with Dish, I finally found someone that purportedly knew the cable requirements. They told me that I would keep my existing dish with its RG6 coax cable for tv, and that I would have a 2nd dish with cat5 cable for the Internet. The 2nd dish part sounds fine, but cat5? I would have expected to run another rg6 cable to a modem in the house.

Anyone a dish Internet user?

UPDATE: Finally found a knowledgeable dish technician, solid copper RG6 is the correct requirement. this is what hughes requires as well, so it makes sense to me. I just couldn’t believe that dish would run cat5 (not even cat6) outdoors, and put the modem outdoors at the dish.