If I was Google, I would have done a Windows machine

pixelSo the new “Chromebook Pixel”:http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/02/chromebook-pixel/ is out, and it is an interesting move. Nice hardware, but expensive, and of course limited to whatever software runs on Chrome.

Being the “proud” owner of a Surface RT — another nice piece of hardware limited by its software — I’m not betting that this is going to be a big seller.

If I was Google, I would have built a Windows machine with great Google service integration and a Google/Chrome alternative to the new Win8 interface

* PC OEMs are not doing an amazing job on building machines, the field seems wide open
* One less thing to explain to users — it is a Windows machine, it runs all Windows software if you want to, no need to explain Chrome
* Probably easier to get wide distribution — it is just a great Windows machine
* Users have to deal with a new interface on Win8 anyway — the time is ripe to offer something that is different than Metro (and maybe supports the classic Windows look better)
* It would befuddle Microsoft. They can’t hate or attack a Windows machine.

I’ll never buy a Chromebook. I’d think about a great Windows PC with great Google integration.

2 thoughts to “If I was Google, I would have done a Windows machine”

  1. Hi Mr. Ludwig,

    It was a very interesting article!! I wonder that whether you think Google is more a software, entertainment, or internet company? And for example, if I want to set up my own entertainment company like a film production company, do you as VC think I should make it as a traditional one or one that is more software-based and is heavy on the digital and tech side? And which one do you think is riskier?


  2. I don’t think labels mean much. Google sells to consumers, to advertisers, they have deep CS assets, they have a good brand. Those are all relevant to a variety of businesses — some software, some internet (not sure what the difference is between those two). Less so entertainment i guess, i don’t get much entertainment value from google.

    I am stupid about entertainment companies. don’t have a clue how to succeed in that business. i would seek counsel from great players in that business — game companies, investors in game companies, film companies, investors in film companies, etc.

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