Software I’m dorking around with, waiting for the Seahawks kickoff

* Great list of tools from Patrick Rhone at “MinimalMac”: Installed doublepane right away.
* “Infoxicate” seems like it could be IFTTT only really useful. Tho seems to be just a concept so far.
* Powerpoint is so dull. I love “Haiku Deck”: And “Timeline”: seems interesting. Both seem to really highlight the story and emotions of a story, unlike powerpoint which creates seas of dot points.
* I want an “Eve Alpha”: Not sure why.
* I should have followed @randfish’s guidance and made some “minted photo calendars”: this year.
* If someone starts challenging your database knowledge, whip “this chart”: out. And hit them with it.
* “Tinybasic for raspberrypi”: Historically this was an important inflection point.