Grab bag of raspberry pi dev info

* The “Advanced Setup page at elinux”: has great tips on how to go headless, including key-based ssh and zeroconf setup, and basic SD card setup.
* This “guide at linuxnews”: is a good guide for getting an RPI emulator working on Ubuntu, I followed it, changing only to the latest raspbian linux distro image, and it worked fine. But it has no net access so more to do.
* This “arm emulation guide”: adn “this one”: have a little more detail on how to generate and modify the ondisk image, I might want to mix these in with the previous guide. As i understand these, there are 3 images to play around with — the in-memory kernel boot image, the initial ramdisk image (initrd), and an initial filesystem image.
* “AQEMU”: looks like a useful tool for creating and managing a network connection and other qemu setup attributes
* Some good guidance on “arm toolchains”: Some people like the “sourcery toolchain”: And some more “toolchain info”: