What to do with my boxes of CDs?

Back in about 1990, I sold almost all my vinyl when I went fulltime to CDs. I did keep a few treasures — some Beatles, Floyd, Yes (“Roger Dean covers!”:http://www.rogerdean.com/paintings/), Led Zeppelin. But I sold the rest and moved on. Every once in a while I pull a vinyl record off the shelf to show the members of the younger generation so they can marvel at my backwardness.

I have moved on from CDs as well, quite a while ago. In fact I am probably in my 2nd generation of post-physical CD use — 1st gen was ripping all my CDs and just using digital copies everywhere. Now I just use Spotify and its ilk and don’t buy much music at all. But I still have 5-6 banker’s boxes of CDs in the garage, and they are taking up valuable space (that I could use to store more valuable stuff, like small kitchen appliances — rice cookers, bread makers, etc).

Sell? Does anyone want to buy old CDs? Are there aficionados that value CDs because they sound “warmer” than digital versions? Just throw away? Will I ever want the full CD resolution of any of this music ever? If I just throw away, but still listen to the ripped versions I have, am I in trouble if the RIAA goons show up some day? Maybe I can just take a picture of them all in a pile and the RIAA would accept that as proof of ownership (not likely). Do I have to sort thru and figure out which are available on Spotify and so can be thrown away without creating a legal liability for me, and keep the CDs that aren’t readily available online? What a pain.