Recent Books — Nix, Nassise, Evenson, Gene Wolfe, 1Q84

In order of increasing strangeness.

* “A confusion of princes”:amazon by Garth Nix. YA space opera, kind of reminiscent of the tales of my youth or even back to John Carter books.
* “By the Blood of Heroes”:amazon by Joseph Nassise. WWI and zombies. First in a series. Acceptable but there are better zombie books.
* “Immobility”:amazon by Brian Evenson. A nearly invulnerable amnesiac wakes up in a post apocalyptic wasteland and tries to deal with the remnants of humanity. Hint: no one is really his friend.
* “The Sorcerer’s House”:amazon by Gene Wolfe. I last read a Wolfe book maybe 20 years ago and at that time thought “wow he is weird”. Well he still is.
* “1Q84”:amazon by Haruki Murakami. Childhood sweethearts reunite after 20 years of separation. Oh and she is an assassin, he is involved in a fraud, they’re fighting against a religious cult, some very strange supernatural creatures who might be good or incredibly evil are pulling strings, there is an extra moon in the sky, soulless doppelgängers are wandering around, and other strange shit.