Books — Goon Squad, Woiwode, Lively

A kind of melancholy grouping of books this week, all exploring time and mortality in different ways. I need to switch it up after these.

* “A Visit from the Goon Squad”:amazon by Jennifer Egan. A half dozen characters and their interplay over their lifetimes. Time wears us all down, changes us, transforms us. The structure seemed a little gimmicky but maybe ok.
* “A Step from Death”:amazon by Larry Woiwode. A brutally honest meander thru the author’s life as he contemplates fatherhood and faces death. The narrative bounces paragraph by paragraph across decades, and in the hands of a lesser writer, it would be chaos. But it is excellent. And tough.
* “How It All Began”:amazon by Penelope Lively. A chance mugging sets off changes through a set of interconnected lives. Along the way the characters mull over the choices in their lives, the randomness of events, and the passage of time.