Starting to dabble with Arduino

A few years ago when I was very active in Halloween decorating, I used the “Basic Stamp”: for prop control. This is still a solid product and you can still buy a lot of stamp-based kits and products.

I’m starting to work on some new projects and it seems like all the cool kids have moved onto “Arduino-based”: designs, probably because of the open nature of Arduino.

So I’ve ordered a handful of test kits from “Adafruit”:, “Sparkfun”: and “Maker Shed”: seem to have a lot of nice products too.

“Arduino programming”: is C-like which seems like a bit of a step back, I wish I could use something more like Python.

3 thoughts to “Starting to dabble with Arduino”

  1. Why not take a look at the Raspberry Pi? A little more work to connect to things, but it’s as cheap as Arduino, runs Linux, and you can program it in Python.

  2. good tip, thanks. they seem to be sold out everywhere. or i would order, the ability to run linux and python is awesome. i would like some integrated I/O pins like the arduino boards provide…oh and hey I see you are working on the I/O port stuff! Let me know when it is available and I will try out

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