Anyone have experience with wireless deadbolts from Schlage, Kwikset, Yale?

I’m going to try out a wireless deadbolt so that I can remotely manage and track access to a location. There are offerings from Yale (for instance this Yale deadbolt), Schlage (this deadbolt), and Kwikset. I am trying to understand the pricing and features of their remote access choices. Schlage seems to want $8.99 a month for remote access which makes me unhappy. The Yale product works with a Vera2 controller and seems to offer free monthly basic services, tho it seems like this controller might work with the Schlage as well?

Anybody have a positive or negative experience with any of these? I also wonder a lot about security of course, worried about creating a huge risky backdoor into the location.

2 thoughts to “Anyone have experience with wireless deadbolts from Schlage, Kwikset, Yale?”

  1. Hi John, haven’t visited your site in quite a while, but Halloween is getting close and your site has always been fun for trick or treat. I did have a remote scalage lock on my townhouse door in San Francisco in the late ’90s. It was pretty cool. If I remember correctly, I think it had a keyring attachment that allowed me to either open or lock the front door (sort of like a garage door opener) and I suspect the product today will allow for remote access. Hope you and the family are well.

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