Recent books — Reacher, Van Eekhout, Deadline, Sandford, Dance with Dragons, 7th Sigma

* “Worth Dying For”:amazon by Lee Childs. Latest Reacher tale, he is in fine form cleaning up a Nebraska county. Like most Reacher fans, I am unenthused with “Cruise as Reacher”: but glad that the books are getting to the screen. 4 stars on Amazon. “3.93 on Goodreads”:, this is a good Reacher tale.
* “The Boy at the End of the World”:amazon by Greg Van Eekhout. Good tale of a lone boy in a post-apocalyptic world. A very quick read, a young-adult title. 4.5 stars on Amazon, “4.35 on Goodreads”:, those are some high marks. I might not go quite that far but it is a solid book.
* “Deadline”:amazon by Mira Grant. Not quite the emotional kick of the first in the series about post-zombie-apocalypse America, but still quite good as the conspiracy deepens. Looking forward very much to the final book. “4.36 stars on Goodreads”:, 4.5 on Amazon, this is quite a good series.
* “Buried Prey”:amazon by John Sandford. Nth in a series about a Minneapolis detective. Nicely done, the relationships between police and press are distinctive. I’d read more in the series. 4.5 stars on Amazon, “4.08 on Goodreads”:, clearly a good series.
* “A Dance With Dragons”:amazon by George R R Martin. This book has generated lots of complaining about its perceived failure to advance main plot lines, and expansion of character set. I prefer to embrace the messiness and incompleteness of the author’s world. This series is not going to be tied up neatly with a bow, there is no happy reunion party in the Shire awaiting us. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and await the next with great anticipation. And looking forward to season 2 on HBO! “4.18 stars on Goodreads”:, just 3 on Amazon, I am a 4-star.
* “7th Sigma”:amazon by Steven Gould. A retelling of Kim in a near future American Southwest ravaged by rogue nanotechnology. Fun tho characterization is pretty thin. “3.36 on goodreads”:, 4.5 stars on Amazon (tho very thinly reviewed).