Sony’s super awesome design skills.

Insert Disneynature Ocean Blu-Ray disc into PS3. “Oh your Blu-Ray player encryption keys are out of date, you must download an update”.

Spend 5 minutes wandering through obtuse PS3 menus to find the system update choice, “Oh your network connection isn’t working”.

Spend more time figuring out where and how to config the PS3 wireless connection.

Download the update, reboot the PS3, and bam all my bluetooth PS3 controllers quit working. Go find the right USB cable and remember how to plug in a PS3 controller.

Complete the update. Thankfully bluetooth controllers come back to life and disc now plays.

20 minutes, incredibly obtuse messages, just to play a movie. What do regular humans do? Obviously they don’t play Blu-Ray discs in PS3s.

One thought to “Sony’s super awesome design skills.”

  1. i kind of miss the days of power-up the DVD (of VHS for that matter) player, in a few seconds, insert media and watch.

    with blu-ray and the embedded java platforms they use in the players, everything seems brutally slow to start and respond. even powering off says “goodbye” and takes 10 seconds.

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