Recent books — Scalzi, Lovesey, Perry, McDevitt

A handful of escapist fare…

* “The God Engines”:amazon by John Scalzi. Vicious little tale of a civilization and the creatures they revere as gods. Amazon says 3.5 stars, “Goodreads”: says 3.6. It is an interesting idea but not deeply developed, I’d say 3.5.
* “Skeleton Hill”:amazon by Peter Lovesey. A fine English countryside mystery. Horses, cemeteries, gardens, countryside, civil war reenactments. A humble insightful hardworking detective, prideful upper class protagonists. A good example of the form. “Goodreads”: says 3.63, Amazon says 4.5 stars, I’d give it 4.
* “Strip”:amazon by Thomas Perry. Modern LA noir. Ok, showed more promise at beginning, but then lost some verve as the tale hopped around the ensemble cast. Would have been stronger to focus on one character, say the detective. Amazon says 3.5 stars, “Goodreads”: says 3.44, I’d say 3.
* “Echo”:amazon by Jack McDevitt. Not his strongest effort. People running around the arm of the galaxy for just a modest payoff. If you are really committed to McDevitt then it is a fine story but if not, well. Amazon says 4 stars, “Goodreads”: says 3.68, I’d have to say 3 tops.