Recent software of note: Blogsy, Issue Bucket, Portal2, Office365, iPhoneTracker, …

* “iPhoneTracker”: Cool toy to see where you’ve been and feed your feelings of paranoia.
* “Portal 2”: Of course.
* “Qwiki”: I was kind of excited about this, but I can’t make my own Qwikis? Excitement way down.
* “Acorn”: Haven’t bit yet but I’d love something less obtuse than Photoshop.
* “Blogsy”: Seems like a brilliant WordPress front end.
* “Issue Bucket”: Nice little frontend to bitbucket.
* “You Gotta See This”: Stupid little stylized panorama camera app for the iphone. Fun.
* Office365 beta. The individual apps (word, xl, ppt) are nice and well done. The portal gluing them all together with email and calendar is strange and confusing — two URLs, yet another ID different than my existing ID used at all msft sites, an insistence on downloading software. Chalk it up to beta.