What’s on the first screen of my iphone — year-end 2010

I’ve made a number of changes on the first page of my iphone since “last survey”:http://theludwigs.com/2010/08/whats-on-the-first-screen-of-my-iphone-august-2010/.

Firstly, the bottom row: Mail, Messages, Safari, and Calvetica in place of the Apple Calendar app. Calvetica doesn’t offer a lot more features but has a pleasing look. I’m not sure I will stick with it but worth a try. But I use all these apps constantly so they all deserve bottom row status.

The rest of the first page then, a set of communications apps:

* The Apple Phone app for voice and voicemail.
* The GroupMe app for group texting. Actually I have been bouncing this position between GroupMe for group texting and Google Voice for wifi texting. And I still have the Messages app in the bottom row. I would really love one app that did texting, group texting, and on either wifi or carrier networks.

A set of cloud apps:

* Evernote. For text and increasingly for photos. In fact I have pretty much relegated the standard iPad camera app to the dustbin, by using Evernote for photos, they are dumped into the cloud immediately. Handy.
* Dropbox. For docs that don’t fit well into Evernote — spreadsheets, etc.
* WordPress. For managing the blog.

“News” apps:

* Echofon for Twitter stream access. I’ve tried the official Twitter app and it is fine, but I am used to Echofon.
* Byline for RSS feeds. I’ve been using this for a longtime, there may be better choices, but I am comfortable with.
* NPR for general news. Echofon and Byline both just feed me topics I have self-selected, I need a source of news that informs me more broadly, the NPR app is about right for me.

Reference apps:

* Stocks and Maps. I’ve tried to find upgrades to the Stocks app but there is nothing great that I have found. I’d like something that tied to my Yahoo finance portfolio data.
* Weather HD. I am toying with apps that replace the Apple Weather app. Weather HD looks nice but otherwise is no more functional. I really want something like the WX for Ipad app.

Utilities: Settings, Calculator, Clock. Don’t love any of these but need regular access to them, and not worth the trouble to go find upgrades (tho the Apple Clock alarm issues this year have been annoying).

And finally, a folder of Travel apps: TripIt, KAYAK, Southwest, Flight Update, Urbanspoon, OneBusAway, Yelp. The first four get solid use.

Apps that don’t quite make the first page:

* App Store.
* Google Voice, previously mentioned
* A sports app — ESPN Scorecenter or Yahoo Sportacular. I like the Yahoo app.
* Facebook and LinkedIn. I rarely use these anymore. Just don’t get any distinguishing vale.
* Kindle and Amazon.com. I rarely read Kindle books on the iPhone. More frequently I shop at Amazon.
* Goodreads. Growing in use.
* US Bank mobile banking app.
* Starbucks Mobile Card app.
* Wolfram Alpha. Very episodic use.
* Redfin and Zillow. Also very episodic.