Recent books — Deutscher, Blair, van Gulik, Kaufman

* “Through the Looking Glass”:amazon by Guy Deutscher. Interesting exploration of how language may impact perception with examples drawn from color perception, direction, and gender in language. Engaging and educational. 3.63 on “Goodreads”:, 4 stars on Amazon, I’d say 3.5.
* “A Journey: My Political Life”:amazon by Tony Blair. Could have used more editing. I was interested to see the past 20 years thru Blair’s eyes but it just wore me out, too many details and not enough conclusions and insight. 3.29 on “Goodreads”:, 4 stars on Amazon, I give it just a 2.5 and that is generous.
* “The Emperor’s Pearl”:amazon by Robert van Gulik. Fine detective story set in first millenium CE China, starring Judge Dee, who per the author is the Sherlock Holmes of China. Much more readable than the typical Holmes story tho, closer in feel to an Agatha Christie tale (not shocking, the book was written in 1962). 3.95 on “Goodreads”:, 4.5 stars on Amazon, I give it a 4.
* “Misadventure”:amazon by Millard Kaufman. Nice noir detective tale in modern-day LA, written by the (late) creator of Mr. Magoo. 4.5 stars on Amazon, 3.57 on “Goodreads”:, I’d give it a 4.