The best of the day’s college football reading…

* Apparently “some Miami writers think that Ohio Stadium is not that loud”: and some Miami players think that “Everybody wants to come see us. They ain’t coming just to see Ohio State.” Yes that is correct, everyone will want to see the Miami Hurricanes, like they want to see a turkey on Thanksgiving or crabs in a crab boil — fully cooked, dismembered, bits of skeleton lying around.
* “EDSBS’s take”: on stadium loudness. The caption on the Tressel picture is understated and OUTSTANDING.
* Meanwhile the NCAA is hard at work “suspending players for selling jerseys”: OK perhaps this player is not that innocent, he did “sell” the jersey to an agent. But when universities are shoveling in the money from licensing fees, it is immoral to whack on this kid for making a buck off his jersey.