Recent Books — Breathless, Cloud Atlas, ReacherX3, Bad Things Happen

* “Breathless”:amazon by Dean Koontz. A pleasant little romp about the arrival/evolution of a new species on Earth. Some intrigue, some danger, more questions than answers. “Goodreads”: gives it a 3.15, Amazon says just 2.5 stars, but I think it is more pleasant than that, I’d say 3.
* “Cloud Atlas”:amazon by David Mitchell. An intricately interwoven set of adventures across hundreds of years, all shining a light on unchecked greed and ambition and injustice. Very nicely done, the structure is unusual and engaging. Amazon says 4.5 stars, “Goodreads”: says 4.2, I give it 5 stars.
* “Running Blind”:amazon by Lee Child. An early tale in the Reacher series. Ok tho not great, the central mystery was telegraphed. Amazon says 3.5 stars, “GoodReads”: says 4.0, I am stuck at about 3 stars.
* “Die Trying”:amazon by Lee Child. Another early Reacher. Solid but that is all. “Goodreads”: says 3.96, Amazon says 4 stars, I’d just say 3.
* “Persuader”:amazon by Lee Child. 3 Reacher tales in a month might be a bit much, the misogyny is a little overwhelming. Actually maybe just misanthropy. Whatever. Amazon says 4 stars, “Goodreads”: says nearly 4, again I’d just say 3 stars. I am obviously Reacher’d out.
* “Bad Things Happen”:amazon by Harry Dolan. Very very very nicely written tale of authors and ambition and murder. The protagonist is an editor of murder tales, and the parallel between his own work process and the evolution of the story is a nice effect. Best read of the summer, amazon says 4.5 stars, it is better than that — 5 stars.