iPad day 1

Really really slow on first sync. I’ve purchased a ton of iPhone apps over time and the iPad insists on installing all of them, even crappy ones that I have uninstalled.

* Kudos to: The calendar app is gorgeous. The Book app is beautiful but so what, I’ll still read most books on the Kindle, and the Kindle app looks good. Zillow looks nice. WordPress app has been nicely rewritten. Soundhound looks good. Wolfram alpha looks good and at the new pricing, is now a reasonable buy.

* Yawns: The Mail app, blah, nothing really new. Maps, disappointing, nothing new.

* Disappointments: almost all games, few have been ported: Civ Rev and Catan, this is your chance. 2 across, I may have to find a new nytimes crossword app. Facebook?

* Need a great texting app, the first two I tried sucked.

I am working now to download a bunch of PDFs to evaluate the device as a PDF review/annotation tool. iannotate from ajidev is the tool.

One thought to “iPad day 1”

  1. There is a Civ Rev for iPad version. For Facebook (and several other site-based apps) I find myself actually using the browser.

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