Books — Life As We Knew It, Orphans of Chaos, Altar of Eden, Alexandria

* “Life As We Knew It”:amazon by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Total downer, post-apocalyptic story narrated by a teenage survivor. Really drug me down, kudos to the author for really establishing the tone. Amazon gives 4 stars, I agree.
* “Orphans of Chaos”:amazon by John C. Wright. The Greek gods are at war and it is spilling over onto Earth. Not a new idea, somewhat entertaining but lacks the mortal/immortal conflict that is at the heart of many of these stories. Amazon says 3.5 stars, that seems a little rich, but there is something that kept me engaged all the way thru.
* “Altar of Eden”:amazon by James Rollins. If you like Crichtonesque pseudo-science formulaic thrillers, then this is for you. Unfortunately I don’t like Crichton and this is a weak attempt at the form with depthless predictable characters. Amazon has a bunch of breathless 4 star reviews, I give this a 1 star. Didn’t bother to finish.
* “Alexandria”:amazon by Lindsey Davis. A very nice mystery set in Roman Alexandria. Very breezy modern tone, really brings the era to life. Enjoyable. Amazon says 4 stars, agreed.