iPad preorder day arrives

Ok well the day arrived. I can’t quite figure out what the ipad is for. I still need to carry my iPhone for phone calls. I still need to carry my MacBook Pro for real software — Matlab, Mathematica, Aperture, LaTEX-heavy docs. I’ll still carry the Kindle for its awesome battery life. Would I carry the iPad as well??? Or are there occasional trips where I’d carry instead of the MacBook Pro?

Or maybe it is for the couch at home. But usually I again need to run real software. So what is this thing for?

So I only ordered one.

4 thoughts to “iPad preorder day arrives”

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it, given that you’re approaching it with an appropriately skeptical bias.

    Thank goodness for you early adopters!

  2. I have the reverse. I have the bias it is all I’m going to use mainly because I don’t use my laptop for anything but browsing, reading email. Basically, I don’t do much document creation or game playing anymore on a laptop. It’s why the netbook for me (if they didn’t have such crappy screens and horrible mice would be good).

  3. clearly if all you are doing is browsing and email, a netbook or ipad seems like an awesome solution. i am doing a ton of pdf reading over the next two months in support of thesis work and am going to try it as a pdf tool rather than printing everything.

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