Tech toys I want but don’t need

* Lifebook MH380. Japan only right now. For some reason this netbook just looks cool to me.
* “Netgear 200mb powerline ethernet”: — I might actually need this, one spot in the house where I would really like a wired solution and running cat5 is inconvenient.
* “Moxi DVRs”: intrigue me, especially the moxi mate for additional rooms. Wonder if I should flip away from Tivo…
* “Ambient WIFI harvester”: Wonder why just wifi. Curious what the power spectrum of EM energy around us looks like.
* “80 Port USB charging hub”: I wish it could charge my iphone 80x as fast.
* These “Micro 4/3rds cameras”: are just screaming my name. I know I will be disappointed in shutter lag time. But man I am pulled.