Skiff — huh?

“Skiff e-reader targeted at magazines and newspapers”: — OK I love gadgets and will try darn near anything, but this is a headscratcher for me. I love my Kindle because a) it is way easier to travel with than 5 books, and b) the e-books are generally cheaper than print books, and as a heavy reader, this is hundreds of dollars a year. I get huge payback because of these facts.

What payback will I get from Skiff? It won’t be any easier to travel with than 5 magazines really — magazines don’t take much room, and I dispose of them as I go (to the degree that I read any magazines at all anymore). And magazines aren’t that expensive, there is no way I can save that much money.

I understand the publishers are casting about for a lifesaver but this seems like a waste.

2 thoughts to “Skiff — huh?”

  1. well yes that is the other issue. my magazine reading has been trending towards nil — for my interests (tech, sports, books, travel) all the interesting info is already on the web, the need for a print magazine has disappeared. So that is the final “huh?” about the Skiff.

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