Recent utility software of note

My MacBook is entering middle age and as my intensity of use has grown over the last 6 months (due to coursework at UW) I’m finding I need to start focusing on productivity a little. Some tools that seem helpful:

* “Popchar”: provides much better special character insertion than the standard OSX tool. Helpful for entering math symbols, etc. I love this. The basic OSX system tool is weak.
* “Keycue”: from the same guys, cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts. Better than it sounds. I cannot remember all these keyboard shortcuts and this is way way way better than help/manual/online search.
* “Hazel”: for automagically managing files. My use case is dealing with downloads from various UW course sites and automagically handling. Keeps my downloads folder in order. Handy tho not absolutely mandatory.
* “Path Finder”: as a replacement for Finder. Definitely more handy for moving files between folders.
* “Growl”: — not sure why I installed but all the cool kids seem to use.

Also on my new Windows 7 setup I am starting to play with some things:

* “Win7 multimonitor taskbars”: — haven’t tried these but probably should try one.
* “Feedroller”: — well I wanted to love this, and it looks great, but seems to have problems updating its content.

And across both machines:

* “Helvitical”: and its friends Helvetimail and Helvetireader certainly improve the looks of google apps. A little buggy tho.

3 thoughts to “Recent utility software of note”

  1. Thanks for the offer. Here’s my problem with windows utility software. I regularly use about 3-4 different windows machines. And I just don’t have the energy/budget to install on all machines and keep up to date. And if i can’t depend on the utility always being there, i find myself not using it at all. I wish windows utility software was delivered over something like Steam — so that I could buy once, download everywhere, and keep settings in sync automagically across machines. I only use 1 mac so less of a problem there.

  2. I’m now using windows 7 and i also have problems with the feedroller. By any chance, do you now have a solution for this?

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