Recent Books — The Moor, Revelation Space, Terra Incognita, The Fade

Holiday time, and time for some light escapist reading.

* “The Moor”:amazon by Laurie R. King. Part of her Russell series, and excellent. Interesting character, very atmospheric (the “Moor” refers to the moorlands of England). The mystery itself was nothing special but the character and atmosphere make up for it.
* “Terra Incognita”:amazon by Ruth Downie. A mystery set in the Britain of Roman times. An interesting lead character, the doctor affiliated with the Roman legionnaires. The story is choppy and doesn’t hang together well, but the character has promise.
* “Revelation Space”:amazon by Alistair Reynolds. Modern space opera. Great reviews but I found it unoriginal.
* “The Fade”:amazon by Chris Wooding. Fantasy set in an underground world at war, very engaging. Grabs you from the first chapter.