Books — Await Your Reply, Fidelity, In Pale Battalions

Been a slow slow blogging fall. Killing myself on two courses at UW, and a bunch of other stuff. But have been on airplanes enough to work my way through some modest tomes:

* “Await Your Reply”:amazon by Dan Choan. Strange tale of a serial ID thief trying to find a life for himself. Along the way he spawns more and more ID thieves, all of whom experience the freedom of creating themselves out of whole cloth. An interesting tale couched as a mystery but really a more thoughtful inspection of identity. Amazon says 4 stars, I would agree, this book has stuck with me a little.
* “Fidelity”:amazon by Thomas Perry. Quality thriller. A PI is murdered, and his wife and colleagues dig into his life and his lies to understand the cause. Amazon says 3 stars. I guess that is about right, I honestly can’t remember much of the tale now. It was fine and won’t hurt your brain but accept it for what it is, an airplane read.
* “In Pale Battalions”:amazon by Robert Goddard. A woman gradually discovers the truths about her family and background — the cruelty and crimes during WWI which defined her life. Unexpected and good. 4.5 stars on Amazon, this is a very engaging tale of family secrets.