Matlab on OSX — pay attention to file names

BTW, this is a powerful but incredibly finicky piece of software. It is an X11 app, and I wonder how much that is affecting it.

One thing to watch for is the path length limitation on the names of m files. it is 63 characters total for the full path — that is right, the FULL path. the full path by default is some long path pointing into a MATLAB directory in your documents folder, in my case, 52 characters were already used up. So when i put a nice long name on an M file, I exceeded the 63 limit and got some completely nonsense error message about the file not being on my path. Well ok the error message was true, the truncated filename file wasn’t on any path anywhere, but stupid.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that Matlab really doesn’t like m files whose names begin with a number — ie it just will not run something called “55.m”. you need to start with alpha.

Silly. It’s 2009 guys. These feel like MSDOS restrictions circa 1990.