Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • I used Shazam to discover Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede #shazam #
  • Wondering if possible to see all 120 FBS teams play this fall (on TV). #
  • 711am, iPhone 3gs at 93% battery after 15 mins of use. At this rate will have to recharge 4+ times before bed. #
  • Where to hike in Central Ohio? Mohican? Salt Fork? Perry? Blue Rock? #
  • RT @idiotsonsports: If it's college football, it be hatin' time. #
  • Please save your hate for where it belongs — college football. #
  • @brucery "LSU fans…very drunk"…that is their normal state in reply to brucery #
  • RT @elevenwarriors: ROLLE IS EVERYWHERE. D seems to be learning. #
  • Pryor is the threat we hoped for. RT @elevenwarriors: Early verdict: Pryor knows how to throw the ball. #
  • RT @schadjoe: No truth to Matt Barkley working on triple option in a hotel ballroom right now #
  • @jberwin pro-Cal, anti-USC? Man your Saturdays have sucked forever. in reply to jberwin #
  • Not always beautiful but Big10 goes 10-1 on the weekend #
  • @jberwin if cal would ever get to a rose bowl you'd know the big 10 teams. in reply to jberwin #

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