Post USC loss reading

* “Brutal takedown of Tressel over at Dr. Saturday”:,189322. Particularly on offense, Ohio State’s gameplan against the Trojans was utter rubbish, and it failed to meet the number one requirement of every gameplan: put your players in position to succeed
* Pete says “Locker is better than Pryor”: Of course he will say that this week but it is up to Pryor to make that statement seem ridiculous.
* “An OSU follower’s view”: Coaching breakdown, Pryor breakdown. And what irks me is the failure of the coaching staff to react to Pryor’s shortcomings in their gameplan.
* “A general roundup of coverage”:
* We “discover an entirely new brand of disappointment”:,189030. Indeed

It was a great great game and I enjoyed the evening thoroughly up til the last minute. And man our team played hard and the fans gave it their all, so proud to be a part of the community. But I sure hope Tressel is learning from this and getting better, as he often talks about his teams needing to do.