More Great Things about Central Ohio — Part 4

* “Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery”: My sister turned me on to this one, I never would have found the place otherwise. Awesome cupcakes in a quaint old town.
* Lawns. My gosh do people love their lawns here. Even modest houses have gigantic expanses of grass, all lovingly tended. People spend half their weekend mowing. And the mowers! These things are nearly RV-sized. In Seattle, lawns are often an afterthought, and sometimes nonexistent — grass just doesn’t do as well in the climate.
* The Ohio State University Hospital. We had an appointment there this week, the staff were unfailingly polite, honestly a better experience than that at the many other facilities we have visited.

One thought to “More Great Things about Central Ohio — Part 4”

  1. I have been spending some time with my lawn for about the past month. Lawncare is new for me but I’m kind of getting into it. I find that neighbors start giving more of that low key Seattle ‘approval’ since I started keeping up on my lawn.

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