Great Things about Central Ohio, Part Two

* Crickets and Cicadas. Man I totally miss these in Seattle. Sitting out in the evening here, you almost need earplugs, the crickets and cicadas kick up such a ruckus. Very cool.
* Lightning Bugs. Wrong time of year for them, but another great bug. Chasing these in the early summer is an experience not to be missed for any kid.
* I have a love/hate relationship with WalMart. Hard not to love their prices. Easy to hate most other aspects.
* “Mohican State Forest”: On an early September weekday morning, the place was empty and I got a great hike in. An odd kind of place — mixed use taken to the extreme. A state park and forest, a resort, a juvenile detention center all co-located. Hunting and horseback and hiking and ATVs and bikes and snowmobiles all permitted. Again thankfully the place was empty this morning and so a good hiking experience. I don’t think I’d want to be there on a busy weekend.