Books — The Unforgiving Minute, A Big Little Life

* “The Unforgiving Minute”:amazon by Craig M. Mullaney. Subtitled “A Soldier’s Education”, the story of the author’s travels through West Point, Oxford, Ranger and Infantry training, Afghanistan, and post-Afghanistan. No amount of physical training, education, reflection, or preparation prepares you for the reality of combat and it’s lingering effects. A little overwritten at times but interesting nonetheless. Amazon says 4.5 stars, I’d say 4.
* “A Big Little Life”:amazon by Dean Koontz. Sweet book about his dog and the deep impact she had on his life, an unexpected piece of work from Koontz. Amazon says 4.5 stars, I ‘m not sure any book in this genre can really be 4.5 stars, but this is heartwarming and won’t hurt you.

Might be last book postings for a while. Fall course load will displace pleasure reading.