Books — Julian Comstock, The Manual of Detection, Fear The Worst

* “Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America” by Robert Charles Wilson. Excellent tale of post-apocolyptic America. Classic tragedy themes — the rise of an idealist to power, and his fall driven by his excessive actions in service of his ideals. All narrated by a friend in a folksy Twainish style. Very engaging. Amazon says 3.5 stars, I might nudge a little higher.
* “The Manual of Detection”:amazon by Jedediah Barry. A clerk in a detective agency gets pulled into a conspiracy of murder and power. Oh and the boundary between dreams and reality is completely porous so this is a pretty odd read. The ending is all too neat for a premise this strange. Amazon says 4 stars, I don’t know. Some people will love this book, some will hate it.
* “Fear The Worst”:amazon by Linwood Barclay. A straight-ahead mystery adventure, which was nice after the book above. A man’s daughter disappears and he gets caught up in murders and conspiracies and lies. A little too parsimonious with characters as the author makes nearly every acquaintance of the protagonist a member of the conspiracy. 4 stars on Amazon, yeah sure, tho this is brain candy and won’t stick with you.
* “The Snakehead”:amazon by Patrick Radden Keefe. Nonfiction, the story of the human smuggling trade from China to the US in the 80s/90s/early 2000s. A little dated but a great story, man the money involved was phenomenal. 4 stars on amazon, I’d agree.