Books — Modern-day Vikings, City of My Dreams

Scandinavia week, I may be visiting the area this fall:

* “Modern-day Vikings”:amazon by Christina Johansson Robinowitz and Lisa Werner Carr. Subtitled as a practical guide to getting along with Swedes, this book is a brief guide to Swedish history, culture, and manners. A quick and interesting read. 4.5 stars on Amazon, not sure any book in this genre can really be a 4.5 star book, but a useful book.
* “Denmark – Culture Smart!”:amazon by Mark Salmon. Not quite as good as the book above but still useful.
* “City Of My Dreams”:amazon by Per Anders Fogelström. Purportedly a popular novel in Sweden, the tale of a young man coming to Stockholm and living his life during the very early days of the industrial revolution. A poor brutish but honorable existence, with moments of hope, joy, and kindness. A very human tale, 4.5 stars on AMazon. I liked it, much more readable and less overwritten than say Dickens.

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  1. Hey John – I have a very good friend who lives on a small Island near Stockholm. I cannot speak for the entire Swedish population but I can say from experience that the secret to getting along with a good portion of the the Swedes can be summed up in a single word… Vodka

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