Books — City of Glass, Motorman, Unguentine, Finding Oz, Tall Book, Run

* “City of Glass”:amazon by Paul Auster. Very murky story of mystery, identity, sanity. Hard to identify with the characters but nicely paced and very odd. Amazon says 4 stars, I’m ok with that.
* “Motorman”:amazon by David Ohle. Ugh. Unstructured self-indulgent mess. Not sure why I picked up.
* “Log of the S.S. The Mrs Unguentine”:amazon by Stanley Crawford. Odd engaging metaphorical tale of a relationship. Very thinly reviewed on Amazon, I like the book. 4 stars.
* “Finding Oz”:amazon by Evan I. Schwartz. The story of L. Frank Baum and the creation of the Wizard of Oz. I do love the movie and the book, and this is great material on its creation — fascinating to see how the events and people in Baum’s life crept into the story. Amazon says 5 stars, I enjoyed, I’d say 4 stars.
* “The Tall Book”:amazon by Arianne Cohen. Father’s day gift about the trials and tribulations of being tall. Good news — higher lifetime earnings, respect, and the ability to reach the top shelf. Not so good — some cancers are more likely, airplane seats, movie theatre seats, etc. The health info was interesting, the whining about seating etc less so. Amazon says 5 stars, that is a reach. 3 stars.
* “Run”:amazon by Ann Patchett. Events force an unlikely family to coalesce. The children’s fortunes and paths are irretrievably changed. OK but not that memorable. Amazon says 3.5 stars, the story has already mostly faded in my mind, I’d say 2.5 stars.