3 thoughts to “Brett on Stuff » RedTrails – Interesting Hiking Resource”

  1. Check out MapMyHike.com as well — free resource for hiking maps, etc. It’s a spin-off of our other more popular version (MapMyRun.com or MapMyRide.com) and we’re still dealing with the trying to visualize trails if they are off-road or not visible from sky or topo-maps. I’d be interested to hear general comments about this version…


  2. Redtrails is pretty badass. Thanks.

    That other one (see comment above) was ok, but definitely not nearly as good. Not to mention it’s pretty lame to hijack a post like that and plug your own site (look at me! look at me!). And the ads were really irritating. I was 1/2 expecting an AOL free-trial CD to eject from my computer.

  3. Yeah I almost marked the 1st comment as spam but it was not crazy offtopic so i left it. redtrails is killer, use all the time.

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