Haven't signed up for the KindleDX yet

Official launch of the Kindle DX – Core77. I bought the Kindle and Kindle2 the instant I could. I am holding off on the DX.  Why?

* It is not clear to me that it enhances recreational reading at all — and in fact the size makes it less convenient

* The cost savings on textbooks aren’t large enough for me to get excited yet

* And more importantly the usage model of a textbook is different than that of a recreational book. Lots of flipping to sections, flipping back and forth, index usage, marking places, etc — does the device make this better?

* Can I use it in an open book exam setting?

So I am not sure yet. Eventually the weight savings may compel me but I am not there yet.

3 thoughts to “Haven't signed up for the KindleDX yet”

  1. The one thing that makes is a bit more compelling to me is the native PDF support. I have a lot of information in PDF’s and they never translate right to the smaller kindle screen. That alone might be worth it, but boy I’d love to hold one first.

  2. Let me ask you this, John — did you find the Kindle 2 a worthy upgrade? I have seen rumors of the text rendering being not as crisp, and that worried me.

  3. I can’t say that I find the Kindle2 upgrade to be remarkable. The controls are a little nicer but it is not a dramatic thing. I find the Kindle2 to be more readable but not dramatically so.

    Now I agree with the native PDF support thing on the DX. I am reading a lot of academic papers these days and that would be nice. Would save me some paper. And easier to use than a full laptop. You are talking me into.

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