Recent Books — Cache of Corpses, Pale Fire

Just two fiction books this week, pretty far apart on the fiction axis.

* “Cache of Corpses”:amazon by Henry Kisor. Fun detective story set in the Upper Peninsula. Solid characters, and the cover art on the hardback of a squirrel on a corpse is awesome.
* “Pale Fire”:amazon by Vladimir Nabokov. A Kindle reviewer mentioned that the Kindle was great for linear reads, but would be terrible for nonlinear reads, such as Pale Fire. So of course I ran out and bought Pale Fire. Interesting tale and structure — written as en extended commentary by a reviewer on a poem. The reviewer is clearly an obsessed nutjob and elements of madness, comedy, tragedy, and suspense are all in the story. And clearly you could never read this on a Kindle as a Kindle exists today, as you need to be able to refer back to the poem constantly. Fun.